Obama is doing more than uniting America

A perfect example of Symbiotic Marketing

Obama Campaign: A perfect example of Symbiotic Marketing

No matter your political affiliation, you have to appreciate the marketing campaign Barack Obama’s team is running.  It’s all about the people.  Voters have the opportunity to talk to Obama in any way they choose. His campaign unites traditional media venues like radio and TV ads with new media (social networks, Utube, mobile marketing) — and does so flawlessly.  The Obama camp has made a shift in marketing philosophy by going to where the voters are; rather than waiting for the voters to come to him. 

This fundamental shift in marketing philosophy is one that will be watched very closely over the next few months.  The questions is, are voters more likely to take action as a result of talking to Obama in this way?  If the voters do take an action, is it the action the Obama campaign is looking for?


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  1. I believe that your blog very interesting, as your opinions as Marketing Professional are really useful. I hope to read it also when I’ll be back to Italy!
    I linked you in my blog.

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